Why do football players wear tape on their arms? 

2023-04-17 00:08:16 By : Ms. Eva Wong

Playing in either college football or the NFL requires a certain level of physical toughness. In a sport where players suffer injuries throughout the campaign, they need to be protected well, even if it means simply wearing tape on their arms.

The reason why football players wear tape on their arms is that it acts as a protective layer for the skin. The tape extends from the player's wrist to the back of the tricep. But how can a tape help prevent injuries? Golf Swing Path Training Mat

Why do football players wear tape on their arms? 

Football players often collide with opponents on the field and get sent to the ground with plenty of force. Hitting the deck at high speeds can be quite painful. The tape protects their arms from cuts and scrapes.

Football players can also opt to wear long sleeves instead of tape. However, an extra layer of clothing adds to the heat. Hence, using turf tape is much more viable.

Football stars use a specific type of tape called kinesiology tape. The tape simply sticks to the arm and is very helpful in avoiding scrapes when a player’s arm hits the artificial turf. As of 2022, 14 NFL fields out of 30 have artificial grass.

Although artificial turfs are easier to maintain, they are rougher and sharper than natural grass. Usually, it's the receivers, linebackers and running backs that are spotted wearing tape on their arms when on the field. However, the tape can also prevent defensive players from getting turf burns while tackling.

Turf burns can be extremely painful and troublesome if not dealt with over the long term. They occur when a player's skin comes into contact with the turf at high speed. If these burn marks are exposed to sweat and bacteria, they can lead to infections.

Hence, players opt for a little extra protection by wearing tape turf on the field.

Why do football players wear tape on their arms? 

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